Emergency On-Call Service

We provide on-call emergency services with a 24-hour turnaround time. Please provide us with necessary information for us to serve you better. We would like to know your inverter type and preferably the wiring diagram from your owner’s manual. Otherwise, still feel free to just call us at +6012-503 1568.

Solar Energy Services You Can Trust

Is your solar power system a few years old? Is it not producing the amount of solar energy it should? Are you seeing cracked glass on one of your solar panels? For all of these solar problems, and more, AmSolar is the solar energy company you want servicing your solar power system.

AmSolar is one of the best solar companies. We are dedicated to providing the top solar energy assistance to all of our customers, whether it is installation, maintenance, or service. We are dedicated and diligent, providing you with the best solar assistance.

If you are experiencing any concerns or issues with your existing solar power system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have excellent solar experts who are capable of diagnosing and fixing any solar energy problems you may be experiencing in your home. We know how vexing it can be to have a solar energy system that is malfunctioning or is just in need of some care; we’ve got you covered. We provide immediate and thorough solar power assistance. If there’s a problem, we will help you fix it.

Importance of Routine (and Safe!) Solar Power Maintenance

Even if your solar power system is working well, it’s important to get it checked out regularly to ensure safe and optimal solar energy usage. Even if your solar panels are not experiencing any troubles yet, AmSolar would love to help ensure your solar PV system stays efficient and productive for a long time.

Please consult professionals with any service on your solar energy system. Solar repair can be incredibly dangerous, and we want you and your family to be safe. It is important that you consult an expert with any routine maintenance or solar repairs for your safety, as well as your family’s. We encourage you to trust us. We have the expertise to care for your system and will let you know exactly what is going on with your solar PV system. Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment to professionally carry out the job.

Faithful Solar Energy Experts

Your Dedicated Team

True to our core values, we promise to always be faithful to our customers. We promise to let you know what your solar PV system needs, no gimmicks or hidden agendas. AmSolar wants you to feel comfortable and happy with your solar PV system, whether we installed it or not. We have received many calls from folks who have had other companies install their solar energy system improperly.

We know this is frustrating, and we are here to help make things right for your family.  We have a professional and dedicated team who specialises in the work of Repair and Maintenance.

Inspection & Tune-up Services

Want to know more about our inspection and tune-up services?
The scope of work includes the following:

The breaker on your solar system serves as overcurrent protection. Circuit breakers are one of the most essential electrical components of a home, both for convenience and safety, and the same goes for your solar panel system. Circuit breakers prevent too much electricity from flowing through a panel and short-circuiting it or causing an electrical fire. In other electrical systems, a fuse is the safety mechanism, and when too much charge flows through the system, the fuse will disintegrate to protect the rest of the system. This is called “blowing a fuse,” and every time a fuse is blown, it has to be replaced. Instead, a circuit breaker opens a circuit when there’s too much charge, protecting your system without having to replace fuses. We inspect your interconnection breaker for any damage, wear and tear, or improper model use.

The inverter on your solar panel system converts the power that the panels produce (direct current) into energy that your home can use (alternating current). Without the inverter, no matter how much energy your panels produce, you won’t be able to use any of it. If there are any issues with your inverter, you may be getting less energy out of your system than you could be. In fact, with a faulty inverter, you could be producing plenty of energy but not be receiving it in your home! We inspect the connections between the inverter, your main service, and the solar panels to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. We also thoroughly brush sweep and vacuum clean the inverter to keep it at peak performance.

The most common point of failure in all Solar systems is the wire splice connections, also known as wire connections. Some uninformed solar panel installers use improper wire connectors or techniques when installing solar panel systems to connect multiple wires together. Some wire connectors are not intended to withstand moisture, and should never be used outdoors. When used in an outdoor electrical system like solar panels, they can corrode and damage your system. Most wire connectors are also not built to withstand high heat, which often occurs in the sunny areas that solar panel systems are installed. They can melt, causing a short in between the wires that they connect. When we evaluate your system, we will replace all existing connectors to MC4 connectors if necessary.

It’s crucial to be sure that your system is performing at its absolute best. One of the biggest enemies of peak solar performance is shade that covers your panels. No matter how durable or efficient your panels are, if they’re blocked by shade, they won’t work as well as studies have shown, shade can drastically drop the amount of energy you receive from your system. Let AmSolar inspect your system for any possible obstructions, shadows, or material that could block your system from working. We will conduct tests in order to calculate how the surrounding area and shade affects your system, and will assess your options for getting rid of any problems.

At the completion of our Repair and Maintenance Service, we will provide a report on the findings associated with service. Should there be any area of concern, we will have it all highlighted with no surprises.

AmSolar is dedicated to keeping you informed and up-to-date. Whatever we find during your system inspection, we’ll convey to you. We’ll let you know if your system is performing as expected, or if there are errors or other factors preventing your system from working well. We will let you know if your breaker, inverter, and monitoring equipment are all working smoothly. And we’ll also let you know if we replaced any improper wire connectors or found anything causing your system to be shaded. Finally, we offer a 90-day warranty on all of our repairs. This means that you have a guarantee, when you agree to any necessary fixes, that these fixes are going to last and that they will be performed correctly. Let us know within 90 days if you notice anything that might be off, and we’ll ensure that any issues are corrected.

Some services may require additional cost due to site conditions. Very fragile roof types may preclude rooftop inspection.
** Provided customer agrees to necessary fixes.